Dear John Winchester,

You have so many faults, it’s hard to see any of the good things about you. You never own up to your mistakes. You were a distant and absent father who could have tried harder but chose not to. You put your sons through the same crap you went through instead of shielding them from it. Your wife died, which is terrible, but you seem to have forgotten that you had two boys who needed you and after the first few years of not finding the demon who killed her, you probably should have focused on them instead. You left and never told them where you were going and, even though you came back, they spent a long time wondering if you were or not. You were protective mostly of Sam, but you often gave Dean the burden of protecting him instead of stepping up and taking care of BOTH of them. I’m sure you loved your sons, but it’s obvious your obsession was more important than they were. I’m glad you finally did the right thing in the end but you only did it because Sam had to show you how pig-headed you were being. We actually aren’t sure if you broke in Hell or not because you showed up, smiled, and then flickered away, so who knows if you tortured any souls down there (plus you didn’t claw your way out, you sauntered out the front door because your boys accidentally opened it). You were not one of the greatest men who has ever lived, that title belongs to your boys. The boys who, despite all the garbage you threw at them, came out a million times better than you were.

You were not fit to be a father. Obviously you aren’t inherently evil, but you could have been better. You could have been way better.

You abused your children, and no matter how many times someone points out that you “did the best you could”, some of us will never forgive you. Because you didn’t do the best you could. If you had, those boys wouldn’t be broken.


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