It’s not easy being Ginger

A humorous and lighthearted infographic about being a redhead. All facts are true.

Kristina Litvin


I love redheads so much I became one (=

this is cool info

This is actually f-ing true. I was told by nurses that they had never given someone so much morphine ad my husband just before his surgery. His mother woke up during two different surgeries!

interdependentarising asked you:

On the redhead infographic, theres a tiny mistake. Redheads are not going to go extinct. Recessive genes wont die out from a population unless all the carriers die out as well. Redheads are here to stay! This is actually a widespread misconception and if you want more details please message me!

Thanks interdependentarising, this is an important point! The graphic reads: “Some even say” we’re going extinct. That much is true, we’ve all heard the call to “Save The Redheads” 😀  But in fact we are not going away 🙂

Any info you have would be great! I can make a post about it…

Actually theres currently an upswing in the number of redheads.


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